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29/09 Indonesian Sexologist Makes International Headlines With Podcast Launch

September 29, 2011
Zoya Amirin, Indonesia’s most prominent female sex psychologist, said she is “very nervous” about the launch of her new video podcast “In Bed With Zoya,” which will be officially launched today. (AP Photo)Zoya Amirin, Indonesia’s most prominent female sex psychologist, said she is “very nervous” about the launch of her new video podcast “In Bed With Zoya,” which will be officially launched today. (AP Photo)



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2:55pm Sep 30, 2011

"Clove cigarettes increase virility."
Heh, well that one's promulgated by endless tobacco adds featuring outbound types scaling sheer cliff faces, hunting tigers, etc.

2:53pm Sep 30, 2011

"i just imagine that if she has a daughter and apply permit to her to sleep with tens of her male classmate...and zoya will say," its up to you but don’t forget, use condoms, right!!"...this is a mad mad world."
It certainly is Agoz, some of us are clearly more touched by the daffy brush than others though. Why tens? The old virgin/whore dichotomy I guess. The classic demonization of female sexuality that is one of monotheisms traditional engines, turning repressed male libido into pious fury. Not for one moment that I'm suggesting that you're sexually repressed/frustrated/jealous though Sir. Not me. No.

2:35pm Sep 30, 2011

@Dr Dez, you believe or not, if you ask me wether we married as a virgin or not, the answer is Yes, i married in 28 and my wife 23, for somebody notably westerner it feels strange how could anyone still a virgin till 28, what the hell he do to live his life...but we are nurtured by Hizbut Tahrir since we still very young. we told that save sex (healthy sex) is sex within marriage, no fornication and no adultery, so you will not afraid of disease and if become pregnant it is ok too. you know it is very hard to avoid fornication in the current sphere which porn and miniskirt exist everywhere. personaly agree using condoms to control birth for married couple, and not to encourage fornication as condom indutries did. we happy with our two the world belong to us...he..he..

1:14pm Sep 30, 2011

I think you are missing the point agoz - ps she is not talking about school kids but young adults - and they really should use condoms for protection
Did you marry as a virgin agoz? was your partner?

11:31am Sep 30, 2011

i read from earlier news about Zoya, that she said : “I’m not encouraging anybody to have sex before marriage,” she said. “But I am also not telling them not to. The only thing I can say is, ‘OK, if you really want to do this, then at least be safe and use a condom.’ ”...i just imagine that if she has a daughter and apply permit to her to sleep with tens of her male classmate...and zoya will say," its up to you but don’t forget, use condoms, right!!"...this is a mad mad world.

Zoya Amirin, Indonesia’s most prominent female sex psychologist, said she is “very nervous” about today's launch of her new video podcast, “In Bed With Zoya.”

Even though the reactions to her Web site, which has been up and running since the beginning of this month, have been mainly positive, Zoya said she was anxious about how people will react to her podcasts — 15-minute video clips that tackle topics related to human sexuality.

To give the serious topic of sex education a more casual feel, Zoya has recruited the help of her friend and well-known TV personality Chantal Della Concetta.

“It will be like two friends having an intimate talk or discussion about a certain topic, rather than me giving a lecture,” Zoya said.

On Thursday, Chantal said she was very excited about the launch and added that it was a lot of fun for her to shoot the first couple of episodes together with Zoya.

“I think the whole crew really enjoyed shooting ‘In Bed With Zoya,’” Chantal said. “For the first episode, it took us more than hour, because we were still getting used to the flow of the program. Once we figured out how to do this, the rest of the episodes were shot in less than 20 minutes.”

The podcasts will be shown on a weekly basis, on both Zoya’s web site ( and Indonesia’s first Internet television IniTv ( to registered users.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Zoya said she had come across every myth imaginable in her job as sex psychologist in Indonesia: An uncircumcised girl will become sex-crazed. Clove cigarettes increase virility. A gecko’s saliva can cure AIDS.

The story has been picked up by newspapers and Web sites around the world.

“People here really believe in myths ... that’s my biggest challenge,” Amirin said, adding she wanted to make her show as cool as possible so people will tune in without feeling they’re being talked down to.

“It’s time to embrace our sexuality in a healthy way,” she said, “and to be mature in our understanding.”

Her job illustrates some of the changes taking place in Indonesia, which toppled its longtime dictator Gen. Suharto in a wave of pro-democracy street protests just over a decade ago.

The nation of 240 million remains socially conservative in most areas, including relationships, something old-style politicians are desperate to maintain. Yet these customs are coming under pressure from a more freewheeling approach to sex, in part due to increased wealth and more females living and working alone before marriage.

Nearly 40 percent of teens have had sex, a new survey shows, and the Internet has opened the gates to a subject long considered off-limits in public schools.

Bringing up the word “condom” could cost a teacher his job.

That point was hammered home by Education Minister Muhammad Nuh himself, after a video of a much-loved pop star having sex with two girlfriends made its way to YouTube, putting the country of the verge of sexual hysteria.

Asked whether it might be time to add sex ed to the curriculum, he said “No! ... I may be obsolete .... but I think this is something you should learn about naturally.”

Young people have even less luck at home.

For most, bringing up the subject of sex with their parents is inconceivable.

“That would just be too embarrassing,” said Dianita Permani, an 18-year-old high school student in the capital, Jakarta.

“I’d rather talk about it with my close friends ... look things up on the Internet, read vulgar novels,” she says with a giggle. “Personally, I don’t want to have sex until I get married. But it is everywhere. I’ll just have to follow my instincts, I guess, and figure out for myself what’s good or bad.”

Amirin hopes people like Permani will turn to her as a credible and easily accessible source of information.

Her podcast, which will be co-hosted by television personality Chantal Della Concetta, who has drawn some controversy herself for racy lingerie pictures in a popular magazine, will at first be a frank conversation between two friends.

The first subject: Debunking sexual myths.

They include that putting a bead beneath a boy’s foreskin will enhance his sexual pleasure, and that girls will be nymphomaniacs if they don’t get circumcisions, which continue despite a 2006 ban. Folklore that gecko saliva could cure AIDS, in a country grappling with the fastest growing endemic in Asia, unleashed a wave of gecko hunting and a surge in prices for the reptiles a couple of years ago.

Eventually, the Web site will include a free online chat service.

Both women are ready for criticism.

Though most of Indonesia’s 210 million Muslims are moderate, a hard-liner fringe has become more vocal and violent in recent years, attacking bars, transvestites and anything else deemed “blasphemous.”

The hard-liners also have succeeded in influencing politicians who — afraid of being labeled unIslamic — pushed through a controversial anti-porn law, used to imprison Nazril “Ariel” Irham, the pop star, even though it appears his sexcapades were never intended for public viewing.

Amirin defended him at his trial, saying he did not show any signs of being an exhibitionist.

More recently, Jakarta Gov. Fauzi Bowo captured the conservative mood of the country’s leaders when he responded to the gang-rape of two young women on a public minibus by blaming the victim. Wear a miniskirt, he said earlier this month, and you’re practically asking for it.

Aside from a small protest in the capital, Bowo’s comments barely made any waves.

Though Amirin’s website marks the latest attempt at online sex education, it’s certainly not the first.

Last year the National AIDS Commission launched an interactive Web page aimed at teens and young adults. Others have come and gone during the past decade.

Amirin hopes hers is here to stay,

“I want to change mindsets,” she said. “It’s about time everybody in Indonesia be more open-minded about sex.”

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