Monday, October 10, 2011

03/10 Woman Watches Hubby Have Sex With Vietnamese Brides

Straits Times Indonesia | October 03, 2011

A 60-year-old man in Singapore has been allowed by his wife to take young Vietnamese brides but only on the condition that she gets to watch their "child-making process," the China Press reported.

The condition had so far scared off three young Vietnamese women recommended by a bride agency to the couple. The daily quoted the agency's owner, Marco Lim, as saying that in the past several years, he had recommended women to the couple, the latest being a few months ago.

"The childless couple approached my agency and shortlisted the candidates. Each woman tried to live with them but the first two did not even make it past two weeks. They left and returned to Vietnam," he said, adding that the third woman, a 25-year-old, stayed for three months.

Lim said he only found out about the reason behind the failed relationships after he coaxed the women into telling him the truth.

"They must have felt pressured because the wife would watch them carefully each time they had sex with the man. I was told that the wife would even set the schedule for the man to have sex with the women.

"She also held on to their passports and forbade them from making calls," he said.

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10:44am Oct 5, 2011

Indian/Malay origin its reported in Hindu Times - but I agree his ethnicity or religion is not important
People pay good money for this sort of thing in Jakarta (voyeurism) I am told

12:54am Oct 5, 2011

Give it a rest peroblanco...Most Singaporeans are Chinese and majority Muslim definitely NOT. What's mind boggling you have old and young Chinese Singaporeans (most likely Chinese immigrants) who do not even speak English let alone Chinenglish just like China Town in San Francisco.

10:15pm Oct 4, 2011

OMG is he a moosleem? The audacity!

5:02pm Oct 4, 2011

I think the whole damn thing is pretty sick - but I am fortunate enough to have fathered a tribe so maybe its easy for me

4:21pm Oct 4, 2011

he should have told the Vietnamese girls his wife is a voyeurist or something. Or better still don't tell em anything while his wife watches in a peephole..

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