Wednesday, September 21, 2011

21/09 Nicki Minaj Booty Making Booty Calls [Photos]

Everyone's talking about Nicki Minaj's booty! OK, maybe it's mostly us talking about her booty, but it's definitely something that deserves discourse. It's mesmerizing and often decorated like a limited-edition Barbie doll. It's a booty that, without a doubt, has made even the strongest of men crumble in its presence. No matter how much you may want to ignore it, Nicki Minaj's booty calls to you. And why shouldn't it? Not only is it amazing, it's shaped in such a way that a telephone handset fits on it perfectly. To prove both above points, Clutch has created a photo gallery below of Nicky Minaj's booty making booty calls. Ring Ring, it's Nicky Minaj's booty, and it's calling you!

FYI, on the Nicki Minaj plan, booty to booty minutes are free.
Photo Credit: GettyNative Union

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