Wednesday, September 21, 2011

21/09 Mom forced girl to sell sex, use drugs

The Yomiuri Shimbun

SAPPORO--A 16-year-old Sapporo girl arrested in mid-August on suspicion of using stimulant drugs was forced to work as a prostitute by her mother since she was a sixth-grader at primary school, it has been learned.

The girl reportedly said she started taking stimulant drugs around May because her mother insisted she do so.

In a related development, a 36-year-old man connected to a crime syndicate was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of violating a Hokkaido ordinance by committing an indecent act with the teenage girl, Sapporo Nishi Police Station said.

The girl reportedly told police her parents divorced when she was young. Her family circumstances are complicated and she reportedly cannot explain who the father of each of her several siblings is. Her mother has been arrested in the past for abusing drugs, according to sources.

The girl was quoted as saying she prostituted herself for the first time at her mother's insistence when she was a sixth-grader, and handed the about 10,000 yen she received to her mother. After that, her mother continued to force the girl to provide sex for money, allegedly saying, "Do it because I want to buy stimulants."

The girl said she has had two abortions since she was a first-year middle school student. Her mother and her mother's new husband also forced her to have tattoos put on her shoulder and breast.

The girl reportedly rarely went to middle school, and her mother and people with ties to organized gangs dominated her life.

Late last month, the girl's case was sent to a family court. Her trial is scheduled to start in late September.

(Sep. 21, 2011)


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