Sunday, July 10, 2011

10/07 Good Jobs for Young Teens

 Laura Townshend 
The Writers Network
There are good jobs for young teens that aren't yet old enough to be hired by a big company. In fact, millions of teens have put on their entrepreneurial hats and created jobs for themselves while they were in junior high school. Young people of any age can make good money performing service work for their neighbors, friends and family.
Lawn Maintenance
Maintaining the neighbors' lawns is a great way for young teens to make money. Many people are busy, so having someone else mow the grass, rake leaves, and weed the gardens is a service they will pay for. Professional lawn services charge an average of $50-60 to mow and trim a small lawn. For a teen, this can mean making $20 and upwards, per visit.
Camps always need counselors, and some organizations hire teens to manage the campers. A counselor-in-training program is often offered to young teens that don't meet the age requirements for a paid position. While the job may be strictly as a volunteer, it is a great opportunity for a young teen to learn new skills she can use in future positions. Counselors may work in the capacity of big brother or sister, and help out with activities such as archery, swimming, crafts, and more.
Pet Sitter
Pets are a billion dollar business, and pet owners who travel need assistance with their animals. Services can include dog walking, cat feeding, poop scooping, bathing, small animal care and playing with the animals. Professional pet sitters often charge a per-trip visit plus the feeding and care fee, so your teen can easily ask for $10 and up.
Babysitter or Mother's Helper
Young teens are perfect to watch and care for children as long as they enjoy childcare and possess CPR certification. Mother's helpers can assist with light household chor77es such as sweeping, dusting, mopping, laundry and even shopping trips. Babysitters and mother's helpers can easily charge a minimum of $10 per hour, or even charge a fee per child, per hour.

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