Sunday, December 25, 2011

emma roberts’s hair

Celebrity stylist Nicole Blais put a casual spin to the actress’s super-chic look with this bohemian-inspired, beachy hairstyle, explaining, “I wanted to keep her long, red gown from looking too dressed up.”
Prep: Apply KeSARI Indian Oil Hair Serum to clean, dry hair and curl using a 1.25-inch barrel iron. Let cool and then flip head upside down to shake out curls.
Style: Pull back hair into a loose, low pony, leaving out a one-inch section at the nape. Secure the pony with elastic. Next, wrap reserved section around elastic, securing underneath the base with bobby pins.
Set: Rub a drop of KeSARI Indian Oil Hair Serum between palms and smooth through strands. Lightly tousle hair with fingers and mist with hairspray to set.

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