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Springalicious Cocktail Night Party Review

Springalicious Cocktail Night Party Review
With everyone around town raving about the Springalicious Hong Kong Restaurant Week, how could Rebecca and I miss out on their Cocktail Night last Saturday, 30 April 2011? We found ourselves being pampered with having some of the city's best mixologists stirring up an amazing brew for us that evening at Crowne Plaza.
The invitation specified Cocktail Attire, so Rebecca and I were both excited to get an opportunity to put on a fancy new dress. The crowds there were all dressed to the nines, making it a splendid place to see and be seen.

The party was set at Club @28. With the breathtaking backdrop of the Racecourse and the flowing water all around the lounge area, the event was as exquisite as it can get.

We were obviously there for the unique concoctions, so we didn't waste any time in heading to all the cocktail stations. We loved Drop's  Watermelon Martini, and we definitely agree to their slogan that diamonds are no longer a girl's best friend.
While drinking up, we had a quick chat with a couple of fellow partygoers, and we were recommended to try Find's Earl Grey Martini. Antonio was crowded by fashionistas all wanting a sip, which turned out to be an interesting experience, as the cocktail was made up of jelly bubbles, foam, and of course, alcohol.
We then went downstairs for Dada's Equinox and Republik's Clear Bloody Mary. We loved the taste of rosemary in Equinox, where Sam shared his tip on putting the rosemary inside the vodka several days for the essence to sink in. The Clear Bloody Mary, on the other hand, tasted like Thai food, being spicy and sour. It was definitely one-of-a-kind.
We then retreated to the VIP lounge for some of Club @28's mouthwatering canapés and let the cocktails sink in. It was such an amazing night I can't wait to make my reservations at the Springalicious' participating restaurants.

Guest Contributor Gillian Chu is a Hong Kong based Canadian who loves going to the latest parties, fashion, and cultural events in town. See what else she's been up to lately on her blog, here!

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