Saturday, June 11, 2011

Celeste Siam's Favorite: Dance Remix

The Coolest tracks in my DJ Bag
Hello Lifestyle Asia readers,

I’m Celeste Siam and from now on I would like to bring you some of the coolest tracks which you can dance at my sets, enjoy at your favorite terrace on in a club near you or simply listening when you feel like it. 

I must say that I wouldn't be able to start writing this music column without the help of all my international Dj friends and producers who month by month keep educating and surprising me with very interesting pieces of musical Art. 

For your pleasure, these are my first Top 5 contribution and "must have" on my Dj bag:

Studio Apartment feat. Rae - Your Words (David Penn Remix)

I love how people react when I play it. If I must find another name about how Spanish top producer David Penn remixed Defected's tune, I would just say "chapeau". Emotion's how Studio Apartment featured a multi talent UK Dj and Singer Rae, both already established in the industry with a no turning point. Elegant style with an Iberian touch makes it perfect for your early sets or wake up calls. Bring back again all your sexiness when listening to it.

Bob Sinclar - Fuck The Disco (2011)

Personally this is one of those tracks that would stay on my bag for quite long time. Another re-edition which perfectly reminds us that Disco and Funk is back by popular demand. People might not like it as they consider the "French touch" simply not enough underground but personally I feel that is time to get back where we used to shake the butt with not sugar added. The album made on cooperation with Dimitri from Paris, Knights of The Playboy Mansion has its own gems and"Fuck The Disco" is also one of them.

Christophe Le Friant aka Bob Sinclar has nothing to prove but his versatile production skills for almost two decades of success which allow him to delight us with several hits that in one way or the other form part of our collective memories. 

Gianni Kosta feat. Paolo Ravley - Crazy (Radio Edit)

Great house track, represents a remarkable sharpening of focus at a time where the so called "mash ups" seams to pollute some dance floors. Completely in concordance within the most actual trends which bring us one of the best in action in ages. Corrosive commercial dance pop of "Gianni Costa" to the lo-fi electro touch of "Paolo Ravley" brings you a cool mix, Isn´t it? The track came out on the right place at the right time.

Adele - Rolling in the deep (Leo Blanco & Hugo Sanchez private remix)

The soul singer continues her rising musical trajectory with her last album, blending vintage sounds and smooth soul-pop. Adele has made us back to reaffirm how much we can love music.

Leo Blanco and Hugo Sanchez invite you to re-discover what technology and "housy" beats could create. This private remix made by one of the well known duos with more projection on the Spanish and international music scene, created a synergy which simply armed a music bomb! Powerful vocal and latino house with piano accords as it best, anytime i dropped, the dance floor turns on fire. Definitely, it‘s one of my secret weapons.

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