Saturday, December 3, 2011


Alexandra and Truett, Houston, TX. Ithaca 20-gauge side-by-side. "Guns, like everything in my childhood home, were considered treasures and works of art."

Anita, St Paul, MN. Glock .40-caliber & Remington 11-81 Police Model. "My great-great-grandfather was a cop in New York City. I imagine he carried nothing but a nightstick."

Ashton, Atwater, CA. Colt .45 double-action New Service revolver & Ruger .44 Magnum single-action revolver. "Ever since I was little, I remember I was learning how to shoot and how to aim."

Ginny, Long Island, NY. Sturm, Ruger & Co 20-bore over-and-under. "Stanley Harris of Harris Publications asked me to start a hunting magazine. Fast forward thirty years and we have published over forty gun titles, including "Guns and Hunting," "Deer Hunting Strategies," "Combat Handguns," and "Guns and Weapons For Law Enforcement.""
Allie, Roseburg, OR. DWM Luger military model of World War I period, in 9mm Parabellum. "I think it's a shame that more people, and especially women, have not known the positive impact shooting can have. Guns aren't all about violence. Guns can be about finding confidence and gaining a sense of accomplishment."
Courtney, Houston, TX. Yildiz 20-gauge. "When my four-year-old son is playing with a play gun, it gives me the opportunity to teach him about gun safety."
Caitlin and Carolyn, Minneapolis, MN. Anschütz Fortner rifle with Altius Firearms custom stock / Anschütz Fortner rifle with Czech custom stock. "In the sport of biathlon, we use lots of skis but only one rifle."
Clara, Ellerbe, NC. Pink Ceská Zbrojovka Scout .22. "When I'm a little older and a little bigger and a little stronger, I'm going to shoot a shotgun. I tried it before, and well, let's just say I went backwards."
Jamie, Loomis, CA. .44 Magnum Ruger Super Redhawk double-action revolver. "The Ruger means business, there's no question about it. It's menacing looking."
Lee, Ridgeland, SC. Boss 20-gauge side-by-side. "Each gun's unique history, it family owners before you, makes it all the more precious."
Morgan, Pray, MT. .17 H.M.R Savage Model 93R17 bolt-action rifle with AccuTrigger, fitted with a Bushnell 3x-9x Leupold scope. "Usually I have a more powerful rifle than a .17 in my hand. After all, that's a gopher gun!"

Lynn, Houston, TX. Sako .308 bolt-action rifle with scope. "It wasn't until after I was married that I started hunting."
Pamela, Monte Sereno, CA. Freedom Arms .454 Casull. "I've had several men mention to me that the .454 Casull kicks too much for them. My response is that they're fighting it too much."
Jessica, Bozeman, MT. Abercrombie & Fitch 20-gauge side-by-side. "I'll never forget the first time my father put a .22 in my hands."
Victoria, Stamford, CT. Beretta 20-gauge over-and-under. "You can be a girly girl and still shoot just as good as a guy."

Alison, Marlee, Lee and Margaret. Richmond, VA. Boss 20-gauge side-by-sides. "We are a hunting family."
Greta, Napa Valley, CA. English Forsyth system scent bottle pistol, ca. 1820. "Guns and antiquities have always been part of my life, and I couldn't imagine it any other way." (This is the book's cover)

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