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Celeste Siam: Thailand number 1 and Ibiza first Asian Female DJ

"Thailand number 1 and Ibiza first Asian Female Dj"

Our cover feature is dedicated to Celeste Siam, Thailand number 1 and Ibiza first Asian Female Dj. Celeste Siam is not just beautiful, she is a very talented and successful DJ. But beauty can have its side effects, especially when you are a talented artist. When you are beautiful you have to work even harder if you want to show that you ARE good, and not just good looking.

Born and raised in Thailand, Celeste Siam is one of the most acclaimed Asian female DJ's, constantly travelling between Europe and Asia, where she performs in the most important clubs, and at the most important festivals. Her skills and her style, "Latin funky vocal house within a Balearic touch" as she defines it, are widely appreciated, and her name is quickly gaining international recognition. Her official sites, where you can find more information about Celeste Siam and her tour dates are

How did you start working as a DJ?
I started to burn free CD's for my friends few years ago, then everyone told me "you have a cool music selection why don't you just try to mix it?" First time I touched a mixer, both songs came together with the same beat and slowly adjusted the button up... then BANG! I felt like I just opened my third eye :)

What type of music do you play?
My favorite type is Latin funky vocal house with a Balearic touch.

What type of music do you listen to, in your free time. When you are not working?
Almost everything, depends on my mood. I like Rock, Pop, Jazz, 70's, 80's, Classic, Flamenco, Chill lounge... etc but not Heavy Metal.

Your favorite DJ's, who are the big names you like the most?
Wow! I have many names and I usually play their productions like Jamie Lewis, David Penn, Camilo Franco, Sebastian Gamboa, Simon Dunmore, David Morales, Miguel Migs, Dj Pippi, Axwell, Tom Novy, Zane Lowe, Hanna Hais, Dubfire...

Which are your favorite places - clubs or countries - in the world, to work, and why?
Obviously, first spots are in Ibiza where the best clubs and parties happen, most updated tracks, great electronic music, and I like to spend hours in Pacha (any party) or We Love Sundays in Space. Asia has trendy cool clubs as well and a booming clubbing culture. Personally I love Luxy-Taipei because people there are well educated about electronic music and trends, so it's easy for me to play whatever I feel like playing and they love all the tracks I choose, it is amazing then to experience another great fun groovy night.

Where are we going to see you in the summer of 2010?
Some spots around like Coco Chanel and Playboy party in Portugal,
Water Proof Festival- Munich, Ibiza Sonica, Es Paradis, Lolas and few other places in Ibiza, then Singapore on a beach party and September in Mexico. Still didn't close my diary. You can get regular updates and fun materials and which are my personal sites.

Let's talk about men. What should a man do - or say - in order to attract your interest?
Hahahaha...Easy! Just comment my music, my sets or something related within the industry I love the most.

What is the most boring thing a man can do, what makes you lose interest in a guy?
Look at my "boobs" or say... oh! You are hot! Emptiness is boring!!!

Your ideal type of man would be…
Expect nothing. If I have any type of man in mind he should be kind, gentle and I just need to feel "click" when I talk to him.

Are you a shopping addict, and if yes, which are your favorite brands?
Hahaha... YES I am a shopping addict, and NO, I do not have favorite brands. I can wear clothes from expensive ones to no name designers who sell on the street. It depends! The most important is that you have to be yourself, don't let brands obsess you.

High heels or flat shoes?
I love both because of the different mood I get, someday I want to feel sexy, then I wear heels, but some other days I love to feel relaxed, then I choose flat shoes.

Your favorite holiday destination?
Maldives or Bora Bora island.

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