Monday, March 26, 2012

Ballet Photography by Vihao Pham

Oct 5, 2010

Amazing ballet photography by Vihao Pham. Vihao is based in McLean, Virginia.

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  • absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
  • Remarkable!
  • lovely indeed…
  • I wanna bang the last girl SO HARD. damn, she’s fine. I wanna tear her up.
    • Errr, Jake . . . you might want to know how old the model is before you start speaking so enthusiastically about a felony.
      And though I know you meant “tear her up” as a statement of interest, lemme tell you — it’s a phrase that just gives most women the creeps. Try “I wanna make her scream my name” — it’s just as torrid and a lot less suggestive of abuse.
    • I think she was 15 or 16 during that shoot. She’s a very pretty girl and the photo does convey a sense of sensuality, your comment is nothing but crude.
  • commenter above me needs to leave, the rest of us who appreciate ballet can stay
  • Absolutely beautiful. Thanks!
  • I am a dancer myself, and this is pure talent. Beautiful job.
    • Latsa?
  • This is so beautiful. Wow.
  • These works are fantastic. The 5th picture down looks like Terra off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:)
  • This is why I want to be a dancer. These are beautiful.
  • I love that in the last photo, the dancers shoes are tattered and worn. Shows character and makes her more interesting to look at.
  • wow!! amazing!! hope some day get like that!!!!!
  • !estupendo!
  • amazing body .
  • And here I thought I’d seen the best of ballet photography with Gene Schiavone. There’s just something about these. They’re not just pictures of ballerinas in performance, they’re glimpses into a dancer’s world. Simply amazing.
  • astounding!
  • This is truly awe inspiring… I’m genuinely amazed.
  • This is amazing. How young they are! It’s absolutely stunning. I’m so jealous! I always regret not starting ballet at a young age.
  • Absolutely love the third picture down. All these photos are amazing…
  • What a great collection. I especially love the still of the ballerina in the phone booth.
  • These are magnificent photo’s!
  • these are amazinggggggggggggggggggggggg. i will definitely be looking at these for ideas for senior pictures. :)
  • Perfection, Inspirational, LOVE IT <3
  • Absolutely beautiful images
  • To Vihao Pham of McLean, Virginia:
    I hope you have a local show of your photography some day. I’m not too far from you, and I need to see these in person. Your perspective is something I want to see a whole lot more of. Congratulations on publishing such a beautiful portfolio.
    • Do you dance or do you do photography? I don’t do shows so most of my stuff is online

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