Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rio Carnival 2012: A Salute to Sweaty Brazilian Cleavage

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Brazil CarnivalCarnival happened in Rio (and other places) this week, and to us regular folk stuck in the US of A that means there were a ton of Brazilian ladies dancing in the streets wearing colorful costumes and glitter on their exposed and gyrating body parts. It really must be something to see — someday, before we die, we will.
Here are the hottest video clips from — we got girls dancing in bikinis, girls dancing in bodypaint, girls dancing in the rain, a girl dancing in a dress inspired by Romero Britto (who?) and here’s the kicker: It is possible that not a single one of them speaks English. How sweet is that? You would have to communicate using hand gestures and the language of expressive dance. They have a whole different moral code down there, you know. Carnival itself is, after all, a farewell to fun before Lent, yet we have a feeling this movable Gomorrah is not at all sanctioned by the Pope. Thongs are casual Friday attire in Brazil, most sports are played topless, and it’s customary to bathe in cachaca before a hot date. Wait, is that true? We don’t even know, but we think it might be.
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“Rio Carnival 2012: A Salute to Sweaty Brazilian Cleavage”

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