Sunday, February 5, 2012

Clinton denies any U.S. role in killing Iranian scientist

Clinton denies any U.S. role in killing Iranian scientist (1:32)

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday that Iran's threats to close the Strait of Hormuz were provocative and dangerous. She also denied the U.S. had any role in the killing of an Iranian scientist. (Jan. 11) (CBS News)

1/12/2012 9:26 PM GMT+0900
No, she DOES NOT deny it. She only said she WANTS TO deny it. Maybe the reason she doesn't deny it is that she can't. 
1/12/2012 1:45 PM GMT+0900
Bill denied he had sex with Monica Lewinski, and Hillary denies she blew up an Iranian scientist. At least Bill didn't go all the way.
1/12/2012 10:10 AM GMT+0900
Yes, Ms. HIllary. Anything you say. Americans is good people. Wouldn't blow up anybody.
1/12/2012 7:47 AM GMT+0900
Unfortunately,The U.S. and Israel have just given a death sentence to Amir Hakmati the captured American being held by Iran.  
J.MacDonald Toronto
1/12/2012 8:38 AM GMT+0900
On what known and acknowledged fact(s) do you say that the US and Israel caused the death of the Iranian scientist. As of now, is not that, at best, a surmise?
1/12/2012 2:05 PM GMT+0900
You can fool some of the people sometimes but can't all the people all the time.
1/12/2012 6:25 AM GMT+0900
These assassintions are extremely unwise. A symptom of growing panic.

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