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PEOPLE IN THE NEWS: Michele Bachmann

During the 2008 presidential campaign, liberals who griped about Sarah Palin’s conservative values got an introduction to another rising female GOP star: Michele Bachmann , the first-ever Republican congresswomen from Minnesota.
Bachmann announced her 2012 presidential bid in August after months of visits to early voting states like Iowa, where she later won the Ames Straw poll and has enjoyed early grass-roots support.
Many cable viewers got to know the GOP firebrand when, in an October 2008 interview on MSNBC’s Hardball, Bachmann raised the specter of Sen. Joe McCarthy (R-Wis.) in expressing her belief that Barack Obama and many members of the federal government were “anti-American” and calling for Congress to investigate.
Bachmann arrived in Washington in 2006 after six years as one of the most socially-conservative members of the Minnesota Senate. Known for her strong Christian faith, Bachmann said that God had “called her” to run for the House, and that she and her husband fasted and prayed for three days before making the decision. A self-proclaimed “fool for Christ,” Bachmann and her husband own a Christian counseling center, where he currently works.
Michele Bachmann on the Economy
Opposed TARP and all “permanent” government bailouts, including that of the auto industry. Fought raising the debt ceiling, arguing that Treasury should be able to rearrange its payments to avoid default. Wants to make permanent Bush tax cuts and eliminate estate tax. 
Michele Bachmann on Energy
Called June 2009 House cap-and-trade bill national “energy tax” and opposed it. Proposed that new drilling areas be opened in Alaska and Gulf of Mexico to help offset cost of 2008 Wall Street bailout, which she opposed.
Michele Bachmann on Foreign Policy
After Obama’s December 2009 speech announcing an Afghan war surge, questioned whether Obama was “truly committed” to victory. Opposes concrete timeline for withdrawal of U.S. troops and says U.S. must be “in it to win it.” Says U.S. shouldn’t have intervened in Libya.
Michele Bachmann on Health Care
Favors full repeal of Obama’s 2010 law, and insisted on up-or-down House vote in early 2011 or “insurrection” against House GOP leaders. Would reform the system to make all medical expenses, including health-care premiums, wholly tax deductible, supports expanding health-savings accounts and the creation of Association Health Plans that would allow small businesses to combine and purchase insurance.
Michele Bachmann on Medicare Reform
As a House member, voted for the Ryan Medicare plan, but said there was an “asterik” beside her vote because she would make changes to it. Wants to focus on “humanity” of situation and worried about shifting costs of health care to struggling seniors.
Michele Bachmann on Social Issues
A born-again Christian and former foster mother of 23, Bachman is anti-abortion rights (except in the cases of rape and incest) and has been endorsed by anti-abortion rights groups in her congressional bids. Opposes federal funding for abortions and recognition of any kind of legal rights for same-sex couples, pushing federal and state constitutional bans on gay marriage and legal rights for couples.
DEC 13

Michele Bachmann’s mistakes pile up

Rep. Michele Bachmann has a tendency to shoot from the hip and repeat statements even after they have been proven incorrect.
DEC 13

Michele Bachmann: titanium or steel?

In a cocktail suit and pearls, Michele Bachmann was the very picture of a Junior League luncheon organizer as she enthusiastically endorsed a form of torture known as waterboarding.
DEC 13

Michele Bachmann’s certainty is her greatest strength, biggest weakness

(Melina Mara / Post)
Throughout her long-shot bid for the Republican presidential nomination, the 55-year-old congresswoman has portrayed herself as a leader who doesn’t waffle. Who tells it like it is.

For Michele Bachmann, it all comes down to Iowa

Despite Michele Bachmann’s slide in the polls since her victory in the Iowa straw poll, her advisers remain confident that she will perform well in the Iowa caucuses next month.
2:19 PM ET

Romney in position of strength in Iowa as others struggle to challenge him

(Eric Gay / Associated Press)
LE MARS, Iowa — Mitt Romney is the clear Republican front-runner in Iowa in the final days before the first voting in the 2012 presidential election. But that’s where the clarity ends in this unpredictable nomination race.
2:01 PM ET

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Fireworks, hope and worry as world rings in 2012 , leaving a tough year behind

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