Saturday, December 31, 2011

Women must pay more to go to Dubai

Dubai [File photo]
Dubai [File photo]
Women under the age of 35 who plan to visit Dubai alone have to pay 400 yuan of special visa fee, Beijing Morning Post reported.
Travel agents have claimed that the charge was collected by the Dubai authority who is concerned that some Chinese women may stay over there and make money from prostitution. But Dubai officials denied such claims.旅行社称,迪拜当局担心一些中国妇女滞留卖淫才收取该费用,但迪拜官员否认了该说法。
Insiders told the newspaper that the 400 yuan special visa fee has actually been pocketed by travel agencies.知情人士向晨报透露,400元特别签证费实际上到了旅行社口袋里。
Meanwhile, if tourists stayed over and worked as prostitutes or act illegally, the corresponding travel agencies would be fined by the Dubai authority.如果有游客滞留迪拜,并从事卖淫等不法行为,迪拜当局将对相应旅行社处以重罚。
In that case, the travel agencies would use the "special visa fees" to pay the huge fines.

( December 31, 2011)


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