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[exryu-ww-vannghe] Tan shared an album with you.

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Dear cac anh cac chi,
I have uploaded a few more pictures on the album to make it more fun. The many picturesque view pictures in the first part of the album were taken by our relief trip companion (and husband of Anh's cousin) from Dallas, Texas. Anh Dũng, mostly known as TD Nguyen outside family circle, joined us in Hanoi 9/11 and from there on to Ha Giang and Danang. Before departing for Ha Giang, anh Dũng surprised us with a sizable contribution, we ended having more provisions for the highland people and some for Da Nang flood relief outreach also. Dũng is a natural relief worker, worked the hardest and longest on the supply line, and he didn't mind the bike ride on the edge of the cliff to the school house (or, rather, the school hut). 

The school hut sits on the cliff as we might reasonable expect, but the children have adapted and would not tumble down the precipice. The motorbike riders also, they would not fall, it's just a matter of life and death and we'd take it as a fact they can't afford to make a mistake. The teachers all came from miền xuôi, they take great hardship to come up mạn ngược to educate the ethnic minorities' kids, the local officials call them heroes. I call them heroes, too, just on the account that they, both men and women, ride their bikes on the edge like in the circus, and one of them đèo tôi sau lưng an toàn round trip. Hú vía!
Cam on cac anh chi,

 Dear cac anh chi,
  Tan va Anh vua moi hoan thanh chuong trinh cuu tro ba mien o Vietnam. Bat dau tu Ha Giang ngay 11/11/2011 tang 200 phan qua gom gao, duong, muoi, bot ngot, nuoc mam, dau an, mung, men, dep va banh, keo, sach vo, cap va ao quan tre em. Sau do vo DaNang ngay 16/11, ghe tham chua vung Hoa` Cuong` va nho cac su+ dai dien minh di cuu tro 200 phan qua o Quang Tri gom chan bong, mi goi va gao, va 200 phan qua khac o vung xa. Truoc khi ve lai San Diego thi tui nay di Ca` Mau ngay 25/11 de nghiem thu 2 cay cau, dai 30m x 1m6 va 26m x 1m6  va mot gieng nuoc. Du dinh di tham trung tam tu thien cua cha Viet o Rach Gia thuoc giao xu Long Xuyen nhung khong di duoc, co hua voi cha la minh se tang mot so tien de hoan thanh mot cay cau o Rach Gia do dong bao dong gop de xay cat nhung co van de la xay chan cau xong thi phai ngung vi thieu tien. Cha Viet se gui hinh anh sau.
  Ngoai ra, hoi thang 5/2011 minh cung da cho mot cau o Ca Mau ten An Dan, dai 45m x 1m8, do chi Vietly nghiem thu.
  Co mot so hinh gui cac anh chi xem nhe, se gui hinh phong canh sau. Que huong VN dep lam cac anh chi oi, nhung thay dong bao va tre em ngheo, thieu an thieu mac thi khong the nao cam nuoc mat duoc, qua la minh rat may man.
  Tham cac anh chi,
Sent: Thursday, December 1, 2011 1:01 AM
Subject: Tan shared an album with you.
You are invited to view Tan's photo album: Cuu tro Bac-Trung-Nam 11/2011
Cuu tro Bac-Trung-Nam 11/2011
Nov 30, 2011
by Tan
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