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1/ CANCER  :
    - Cruciferous vegetables such as : Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower , cabbage and collard greens contain indole-3-carbinols, considered one of the most powerful cancer-fighting substances. It's thought to be   especially beneficial at preventing hormone-related cancers, such as breast cancer.
   - Avoid : High-fat foods, excessive alcohol , and charred foods.
   - TIP  : Keep a bag of pre cut broccoli and cauliflower florets in your fridge to have with a lowfat dip as a snack.
 2/ STROKE :
   - A diet consisting of a variety of fruits and vegetables is the best way to fight stroke .Plus,omega-3 fatty acids  ( See Heart Disease ) have been found to prevent stroke.
  -  Avoid : Foods high in saturated fat such as : butter , red meat and dairy products made with whole milk.
 - TIP  : Aim for at least nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day . Start by having at least two servings
            with every meal ; have the rest of snacks.
  -Fatty fish such as : salmon, mackerel and sardines contain omega-3 fatty acids, which allows blood to flow more easily to and from your heart , helping to prevent the formation of clots and keeping your heart functioning regularly.
  - Flaxseed, great sprinkled over yogurt or cereal and purslane, a leafly green that can be chopped and added to a green salad for variety , are also rich in omega-3s.
 - Avoid : Foods that are high in saturated fat such as : butter, red meat and dairy products made with whole milk.
 - TIP :  Try to have at least one omega-3 rich food every week. For example, have salmon for dinner,or sprinkle
             a teaspoon of flaxseed on your breakfast cereal.
  - A diet rich in fruits and vegetables -especially those high in potassium such as : bananas, bok choy, butternut , squash and celery-has been shown to lower blood pressure.
 -  Avoid : Foods that are high in sodium such as: potato chips, tortilla chips and French fries.
-        TIP : Cut back on your salt intake by using low-sodium packaged foods.
-        Aim for a diet that's slightly higher in carbohydrates and lower in protein. Carbs help to transport amino acids to the brain , which are transformed into serotonin , a feel-good chemical.
-        A  typical meal would be a tuna sandwich , a bowl of fruit salad and an oatmeal cookie.
   Avoid :  Foods high in sugar , since extreme sugar highs can be followed by extreme lows


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